Dr. A. Mateen Ahmed

About Us

Our journey began in Nigeria over 30 years ago, when a young professor inundated with patients suffering from onchocerciasis dedicated himself to alleviating ophthalmic ailments. After moving to California a few years later, Dr. A. Mateen Ahmed founded New World Medical (NWM) and introduced the Ahmed™ Glaucoma Valve (AGV) to the world.

NWM was founded with the mission of benefiting humanity. Our firm works to live up to this lofty goal by developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge medical devices intended to alleviate the suffering of glaucoma patients globally.

Dedicated sales representatives market NWM’s flagship products, the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve and the Kahook Dual Blade, throughout the United States. Internationally, the company utilizes an exclusive distribution network to reach patients in need.

Quality Policy

New World Medical's mission is to preserve and enhance vision by delivering innovation to all of humanity through safe and effective medical devices. New World Medical is committed to comply with regulatory requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Core Values

Benefit Humanity – Act with Integrity – Innovate


To preserve and enhance vision by delivering innovations to all of humanity.

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