Ahmed Glaucoma Valves

The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve consists of a very small plate with a unique valve system that regulates your eye pressure. Attached to the plate is a tube that drains the fluid out of the eye, thus reducing the eye pressure. The implant is outside the eye but the skin of the eye covers it so it cannot be seen or felt.

Implant surgery immediately reduces the pressure in the eye by giving the fluid a means to drain out more efficiently. Because the implant is a valve, it adjusts itself according to the fluid pressure in the eye. A precise control on the amount of fluid that can flow through it. This ensures that there is no excessive drainage from the eye.

Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Flexible Plate (Model FP7)
Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Flexible Plate (Model FP8)
Ahmed Glaucoma Valve (Model S2)

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